Org-mode and Org-Roam for Scholars and Researchers

Org-mode improved so much over the years, and the use-cases in org-mode are vast and highly technical. There is something for everyone in org-mode, and it’s important to sift through all of these features and figure out what’s best for a given situation or specific users. Therefore, I will be targeting academics and scholars that are engaging with literature in the early stages of a project or their academic careers.

Academics and scholars engage with complex ideas and unstructured research workflows. I believe that org-mode can add more structure to the madness, and I will use this talk to clarify a possible solution to reduce such complexity. I propose a research workflow framework that utilizes org-mode, its raw form, and its many associated packages. However, the main package I will be mostly talking about is Org-Roam, and the way its underlying principles will revolutionize the research workflow.

This presentation will help researchers organize and build their knowledge database in a streamlined and effective way. The research workflow is presented in three phases: planning, note-taking, and reference management. I will talk briefly about the packages and special-use cases for each stage and learned lessons along the way. Finally, the presentation concludes with future considerations and possible org-mode features.

Noorah Alhasan
Noorah Alhasan
Ph.D. student

Comparative policy researcher interested in climate and human security issues in the Gulf monarchies. Pronouns: she/her.